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TRASMITEC is at your service for informations, designs, repairs and supply of a wide range of products and items from the best brands on the national and international market.

TRASMITEC is ready to fulfill all the needs of customers in the following areas:

Spare Parts
Rubber Tracks
Gasket Hydraulic Cylinders
Electronic Control Units

TRASMITEC will help you choosing what’s best for you with pre and post sale assistance to always ensure maximum support in terms of information and security of purchased products.

Trasmitec S.a.s. di Gastaldi Marco & C.  
Via A. De Francisco n. 127- 10036 Settimo Torinese (TO)       Tel: +39 011 896 00 20   Fax: +39 39 011 821 16 92   Vat Code:   IT 07171250017